Prospects on the Rise: Guelph Storm Farm System and Future Talent

Guelph Storm

The world of minor hockey is constantly buzzing with potential and talent, as future NHL superstars begin their journey through the various farm systems and junior leagues. And one team that has been making waves in recent years with their impressive prospect pool is none other than the Guelph Storm.

For those not familiar with the team, the Guelph Storm is a junior ice hockey team based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. They compete in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) and are known for producing top-notch players who go on to have successful careers in the NHL. In fact, the team has produced over 100 NHL players, including well-known names such as Drew Doughty, Jeff Skinner, and Dustin Brown.

But it’s not just the players drafted from the Guelph Storm that have caught the attention of hockey fans and experts. It’s also their strong farm system and the current crop of talented prospects that have people talking. So let’s take a closer look at the Guelph Storm’s farm system and the promising future talent that is on the rise.

The Guelph Storm’s Farm System

The Guelph Storm takes great pride in their farm system, which is responsible for developing and nurturing young players before they are drafted into the OHL. The team’s strong and dedicated coaching staff works tirelessly to help these players improve their skills and prepare them for the intense competition in the OHL.

One of the main goals of the Guelph Storm’s farm system is to help these young players build character and develop a winning attitude. This not only benefits the players on the ice, but also in their personal lives as well. The team encourages their players to be strong leaders, good teammates, and to give back to their community.

This focus on developing well-rounded individuals has led to the Guelph Storm having a strong and supportive team culture. Players not only learn about the sport, but also how to be successful in life both on and off the ice.

Future Talent

The Guelph Storm’s farm system has produced some impressive NHL players, but what about the young prospects currently in the system? Well, the future is looking bright for the team, as they have several promising players that have caught the eye of scouts and coaches.

One such player is defenseman Daniil Chayka, who was taken by the Guelph Storm in the first round of the 2018 OHL Priority Selection. The 6’3 Russian-born player has already shown great potential, with a strong defensive game and exceptional offensive skills. Many believe he has what it takes to become a top-pairing NHL defenseman in the future.

Another standout prospect is forward Cam Hillis, who was drafted by the Guelph Storm in the second round of the 2016 OHL Priority Selection. Hillis has already made a name for himself within the organization, being named captain of the team for the 2020-2021 season. He is a skilled playmaker with a high hockey IQ, making him a valuable asset on the ice.

Other notable prospects in the Guelph Storm’s farm system include Tag Bertuzzi, Cedric Ralph, and Jacob Roach. All three players have shown great potential and are expected to make a significant impact in the OHL and beyond.

Final Thoughts

The Guelph Storm’s farm system is a testament to the hard work and dedication put in by the organization to develop young players and help them reach their full potential. With a strong focus on character building and a winning attitude, the team has produced not only top NHL players, but also individuals who have a positive impact on and off the ice.

As the Guelph Storm’s farm system continues to produce top talent, it’s safe to say that they will remain a team to watch in the OHL and the NHL. Their commitment to developing well-rounded players is sure to pay off, and we can expect to see many more Guelph Storm players making a name for themselves in the hockey world.


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