Recruiting Powerhouse: How Aberdeen Wings Attracts Top High School Talent

Aberdeen Wings

When it comes to preparing young hockey players for the next level of their careers, the Aberdeen Wings are a name that cannot be ignored. Based in Aberdeen, South Dakota, the Wings are a North American Hockey League (HL) team that has become a powerhouse in recruiting top high school talent. From their successful track record in developing players for higher level leagues to their excellent facilities and coaching staff, the Wings have become a preferred destination for young players looking to take their game to the next level.

With the rise in popularity of Minor Hockey, the pressure to secure top high school talent has become more intense than ever before. Teams are constantly looking for ways to attract the best players to their program. This is where the Aberdeen Wings have excelled, setting themselves apart from the competition with their unique approach to recruiting.

Facilities and Training

One of the key factors that sets the Aberdeen Wings apart from other teams is their state-of-the-art facilities. The team’s home, the Odde Ice Center, boasts one of the best hockey rinks in the state of South Dakota. The facility features a newly renovated locker room, a top-of-the-line weight room, and a video room for player analysis.

But it’s not just about having top facilities. The Wings provide their players with access to elite training programs that are designed to help them reach their full potential. The team is committed to developing players both on and off the ice, and these training programs are a testament to that commitment.

Strong Coaching Staff

A key factor in the success of any team is its coaching staff, and the Aberdeen Wings have one of the best. Head Coach Scott Langer is renowned for his ability to develop players and prepare them for the next level. With over 20 years of coaching experience, including a stint with the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers, Langer has a track record of success that speaks for itself.

The Wings’ coaching staff also includes assistant coaches with years of experience at the junior and collegiate levels, along with a dedicated goaltending coach. This well-rounded coaching team is dedicated to helping players improve their skills and move on to higher levels of hockey.

Success on the Ice

The true measure of a program’s success is its on-ice performance, and the Aberdeen Wings have not disappointed in this area. Under the leadership of Coach Langer, the team has had a remarkable run since joining the HL in 2010. The Wings have won four HL Central Division titles and have made six consecutive appearances in the playoffs.

But it’s not just about winning games. The Wings have also had a remarkable track record in developing players for higher levels of hockey. In the past nine years, the team has had over 130 players move on to Division I and Division III programs, along with several players drafted to the NHL.

Community Involvement

Aside from their achievements on the ice, the Aberdeen Wings are also known for their involvement in the local community. The team regularly hosts events and engages with fans, making it a beloved part of the community. From hosting youth clinics to participating in community service projects, the Wings have shown a dedication to giving back to the community that supports them.

In addition, the Wings have a strong history of giving back to their former players. The Wings Alumni Association was established to help former players stay connected to the organization. This network has not only fostered lifelong friendships but has also helped players find jobs and further their hockey careers.

In summary

In today’s world, the pressure to secure top high school talent has never been greater. But the Aberdeen Wings have proven to be a recruiting powerhouse, consistently attracting some of the best young players to their program. Their commitment to developing players both on and off the ice, as well as their top-notch facilities and coaching staff, have made them a preferred destination for young hockey enthusiasts. The Wings’ successful track record in developing players for higher levels of hockey is a testament to the team’s dedication to excellence. With their strong community involvement and alumni support, it’s clear that the Aberdeen Wings are not just a team, but a family.


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