Amarillo Wranglers: A Rivalry Retrospective

Amarillo Wranglers

As hockey fans, we all know that rivalries are a vital aspect of the game. They add excitement, intensity, and passion to every matchup. And when it comes to the Amarillo Wranglers, their rivalry history is as deep as it is intriguing.

The Amarillo Wranglers are a minor league hockey team based in Amarillo, Texas. Founded in 1995, they have been a part of the Western Professional Hockey League (WPHL) and the Central Hockey League (CHL). The Wranglers have had their fair share of success, winning the CHL Championship in 1997 and 2010.

But what truly sets the Wranglers apart from other minor league teams is their intense rivalries with their opponents. Over the years, the Wranglers have had some of the most thrilling and heated matchups with their rivals. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the most important rivalries in the Wranglers’ history.

Amarillo Wranglers vs Odessa Jackalopes

Perhaps the most significant rivalry for the Wranglers has been with the Odessa Jackalopes. These two teams have been battling it out on the ice since the Wranglers’ inception in 1995. The proximity of the two teams – both located in Texas – and their shared history as members of the WPHL and CHL, has made this rivalry one of the most intense in minor league hockey.

The feud between the Wranglers and Jackalopes has seen its fair share of memorable moments. One of the most unforgettable matchups between the two teams was in the 1997 CHL Playoffs, where the Wranglers defeated the Jackalopes to claim their first-ever championship. This victory cemented the Wranglers’ place in the history books and further fueled the rivalry with the Jackalopes.

The rivalry between these two teams has only intensified in recent years, with numerous heated games and incidents on the ice. In 2013, a brawl involving both teams resulted in over 160 penalty minutes and several suspensions. This game was a clear indication of the intense nature of this rivalry and the fierce competition between the two teams.

Amarillo Wranglers vs Lubbock Cotton Kings

The rivalry between the Wranglers and the Lubbock Cotton Kings dates back to the early days of the WPHL. These two teams have had some of the most heated and physical games in minor league hockey. With both teams located in Texas, the proximity between them has only added fuel to the fire.

Throughout the years, the Wranglers and Cotton Kings have had some epic battles, both on and off the ice. In the 1997 WPHL playoffs, the two teams met in a thrilling seven-game series that saw the Wranglers come out on top. Fast forward to 2002, and the two teams met again in the CHL playoffs. The Wranglers once again emerged victorious, defeating the Cotton Kings in six games.

The rivalry between these two teams has not diminished over time. In 2004, a game between the Wranglers and Cotton Kings resulted in a bench-clearing brawl and multiple suspensions. This incident only added to the intensity of this already fierce matchup.

Amarillo Wranglers vs New Mexico Scorpions

Another significant rivalry for the Wranglers has been with the New Mexico Scorpions. This rivalry is unique as it is between two teams located in different states. Despite the distance, these two teams have had some epic matchups, both on home ice and on the road.

In 2010, the Wranglers met the Scorpions in the CHL playoffs, in what would become one of the most memorable series in their history. After a back-and-forth battle throughout the series, it all came down to a thrilling Game 7, where the Wranglers emerged victorious, securing their second CHL Championship.

The rivalry between the Wranglers and Scorpions has seen its share of intense and physical games. And even though the Scorpions have since folded, the rivalry remains fresh in the minds of Wranglers fans.

To summarize

For the Amarillo Wranglers, rivalries have been a crucial aspect of their history. From heated on-ice battles to dramatic playoff matchups, these rivalries have shaped the team and provided fans with some of the most thrilling moments in minor league hockey.

As the Wranglers continue to play and compete in the ECHL, we can only hope to see more exciting matchups and new rivalries develop. After all, it is these rivalries that make hockey not just a game, but a way of life for many fans.


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