Recruiting Powerhouse: How North Iowa Bulls Attracts Top High School Talent

North Iowa Bulls

North Iowa Bulls, a junior ice hockey team based in Mason City, Iowa, has become a dominant force in the North American Tier III Hockey League (3HL) in recent years. With multiple division and league championships under its belt, the team has managed to consistently attract some of the top high school talent from all over the country. In this article, we will explore how North Iowa Bulls has become a recruiting powerhouse and what sets them apart from other teams in the league.

From its inception in 2011, North Iowa Bulls has focused on building a strong and competitive team by actively recruiting talented players from high school programs across the United States. The team’s success can be attributed to its consistent efforts in finding and grooming young players who have the potential to become top-performers at the junior level. Under the leadership of head coach, Todd Sanden, and general manager, Kevin Moore, the team has managed to create a winning culture that is attractive to young players.

One of the key factors that have enabled North Iowa Bulls to attract top high school talent is its reputation as a developmental team. The team’s coaching staff is committed to developing players both on and off the ice. They not only focus on improving their skills and performance but also emphasize character building and leadership development. This has made North Iowa Bulls a sought-after team for high school players who are serious about pursuing a career in hockey.

Moreover, North Iowa Bulls has been able to establish strong relationships with high school hockey programs across the country. The team’s coaches regularly attend high school games, tournaments, and showcases to scout for talented players. This not only gives them the opportunity to evaluate a player’s skills and potential but also enables them to build personal relationships with players and their families, making them more likely to consider North Iowa Bulls as their next step after high school.

Another unique factor that sets North Iowa Bulls apart from other teams is its close partnership with the North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC). Players who choose to play for North Iowa Bulls have the opportunity to attend classes at NIACC free of cost and obtain an associate degree in their chosen field of study. This has made the team an attractive option for players who want to continue their education while pursuing their hockey career.

In addition to their focus on development and education, North Iowa Bulls also offers players access to top-notch facilities and resources. The team plays their home games at the Mason City Multipurpose Arena, which is known for its state-of-the-art amenities and excellent ice quality. The team also provides players with access to a dedicated strength and conditioning coach, as well as mental skills training, nutritionist, and chiropractic services. This level of support and resources is not commonly seen in other junior teams, making North Iowa Bulls an attractive option for young players.

North Iowa Bulls’ recruiting efforts have also been helped by the team’s success on the ice. The team has consistently performed well in the 3HL, finishing among the top teams in the league each season. This has not only helped in attracting top talent but has also created a winning culture that motivates players to perform at their best and strive for excellence.

North Iowa Bulls has established itself as a recruiting powerhouse in the 3HL by focusing on developing players, building strong relationships, providing education opportunities, and offering top-notch facilities and resources. Their success both on and off the ice has cemented their reputation as one of the most attractive teams for high school players looking to continue their hockey journey at the junior level.


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