Hockey Upsets and Wins: A Look Back at Historic Moments in Brown History

Historic Upsets

From backyard ponds and frozen lakes to highly competitive leagues and professional teams, hockey has become a beloved sport across North America and around the world. And with its rise in popularity, there have been plenty of memorable moments that have captured the hearts of fans and solidified the sport’s place in history. In this article, we will take a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the most historic upsets and wins in Brown hockey history.

The Miracle on Ice

No list of historic upsets in hockey could be complete without mentioning the Miracle on Ice. The 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York, saw the United States Men’s Hockey Team take on the heavily favored Soviet Union. The Soviet team had dominated international hockey for years and was expected to easily defeat the young American team.

But what followed was an unexpected and thrilling upset as the U.S. team, made up of mostly college players, defeated the Soviets 4-3 in a nail-biting game. The win propelled the U.S. team to the gold medal round where they went on to defeat Finland and claim one of the most iconic victories in sports history. The Miracle on Ice will forever be remembered as a defining moment in both hockey and American sports.

The Birth of the Brown Hockey Program

The Brown University hockey program has a rich history that can be traced back to its very beginnings in 1925. The team quickly established itself as a dominant force in the Eastern Intercollegiate Hockey League and went on to win the championship multiple times in the 1930s and 40s. However, it wasn’t until the 1960s that the Brown Bears truly made a name for themselves on the national stage.

In 1965, the Brown hockey program achieved its first NCAA tournament appearance, where they eventually fell to the highly ranked St. Lawrence University. But this experience only fueled the team’s determination, and in the 1969-1970 season, the Bears made a historic run to the NCAA Frozen Four. Despite being a young and inexperienced team, Brown defeated the defending champions and the top-ranked team in the nation to secure their place in the championship game.

While they ultimately lost to Cornell University, the Brown Bears’ underdog journey was a defining moment for the program and remains a source of pride for fans to this day.

A Dynasty in the Making

From 1994 to 2004, the Brown men’s hockey team went on an incredible streak, making an appearance in the NCAA tournament for 10 consecutive years. During this stretch, they also claimed 7 ECAC regular season titles, 3 ECAC tournament championships, and 5 Ivy League titles. The team’s consistency and dominance solidified their place among the elite programs in college hockey.

But perhaps the most memorable moment during this decade-long run came in the 1994-1995 season. After an early exit in the ECAC tournament the previous year, the Bears were determined to make a comeback. And that’s exactly what they did, defeating their rivals Cornell in the ECAC championship game to claim their first conference tournament title in 35 years. The victory marked a turning point for the Brown hockey program and set the stage for years of future success.

Women’s Hockey Makes its Mark

While the Brown men’s hockey team has a rich history, the women’s hockey program has also made its own mark in Brown’s hockey history. Established in 1966, the women’s hockey team has become a force to be reckoned with, earning numerous NCAA tournament appearances and ECAC championships.

However, it wasn’t until 1998 when the team made history by claiming the first-ever ECAC Tournament Championship for Brown women’s hockey. The team was led by head coach Digit Murphy, who amassed over 300 wins in her tenure at Brown and helped pave the way for the success and visibility of women’s hockey at the university.

A Historic Win at the Winter Classic

In 2010, Brown made history once again by hosting the first ever NCAA outdoor hockey game in the United States. The Brown Bears took on the Yale Bulldogs at Fenway Park in Boston for the Frozen Fenway game, an event that coincided with the Boston Bruins hosting the NHL Winter Classic that same week.

The game was a thrilling back-and-forth battle that saw Brown come out on top with a historic 4-3 overtime win. The historic moment drew in a record-breaking crowd of over 25,000 fans, who were treated to an unforgettable experience that showcased the spirit and passion of the Brown hockey program.

Conclusion: Hockey History Made

From the Miracle on Ice to the Winter Classic win, Brown’s hockey program has solidified its place in history with an impressive list of upsets and wins. And as the sport continues to evolve and grow, there will undoubtedly be many more historic moments to come for fans to celebrate and teams to strive for.


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