Championing Excellence: The Legacy of Coach Bazin and UMass Lowell’s Hockey Powerhouse

UMass Lowell

UMass Lowell, located in Lowell, Massachusetts, is no stranger to success in ice hockey. The university’s hockey program has a long and impressive history, and much of that can be attributed to the leadership and coaching of the UMass Lowell coaching staff. One member in particular, Head Coach Norm Bazin, has had a significant impact on the program and its continued success. Under his leadership, UMass Lowell has risen to become a top contender in the highly competitive Hockey East conference. In this article, we will take a closer look at UMass Lowell’s Coach Legacy and the impact of their leadership on the program.

Becoming a Powerhouse in Hockey East

Since taking the helm of the UMass Lowell hockey program in 2011, Head Coach Norm Bazin has built a powerhouse team that has consistently competed at a high level in Hockey East. In his first season, Bazin led the River Hawks to a 24-13-1 record, the biggest single-season turnaround in NCAA hockey history. This remarkable accomplishment earned him the title of Hockey East Coach of the Year, and UMass Lowell’s success has only continued to grow since then.

Under Bazin’s leadership, the River Hawks have appeared in three Hockey East championship games and have won two regular-season titles. In 2013, they made their first-ever appearance in the Frozen Four, the NCAA’s prestigious national championship tournament. They returned to the Frozen Four two more times in 2019 and 2021, cementing their status as one of the top teams in college hockey.

The Impact of Coach Bazin’s Philosophy

So, what is it that makes Coach Bazin such a successful leader? One of the key factors is his coaching philosophy, which revolves around a strong team culture and a focus on continual improvement.

Bazin believes that building a winning team starts with creating a strong sense of community and trust among players. He emphasizes the importance of teamwork and instills a strong work ethic in his players. This philosophy has not only led to success on the ice but has also created a close-knit group of players who support and push each other to be their best.

In addition, Coach Bazin is known for his commitment to continuous improvement and development. He is always seeking ways to improve himself as a coach and to help his players reach their full potential. This dedication to growth has been reflected in the consistent success of the UMass Lowell hockey program under his leadership.

Fostering a Winning Culture

Coach Bazin’s leadership has not only impacted the team’s on-ice performance, but it has also created a winning culture at UMass Lowell. The program has become a destination for top-tier players, with many citing the coaching staff and team culture as major factors in their decision to commit to the university.

This winning culture has also extended to the alumni of the program. Players who have gone on to play professionally credit their time at UMass Lowell as influential in their development as athletes and as individuals. They continue to support the program and its current players, often returning to campus to share their experiences and offer guidance to the current team.

Looking Ahead

With the success of the UMass Lowell hockey program under Coach Bazin’s leadership, the bar has been set high for future teams. However, with a strong foundation in place and the continued support of the university and its alumni, the program is poised to continue its winning ways.

Coach Bazin’s legacy at UMass Lowell is one of excellence and a commitment to creating a strong team culture. With his guidance and that of the entire coaching staff, the River Hawks are sure to remain a top contender in the competitive world of college hockey.

UMass Lowell’s Coach Legacy has had a significant impact on the hockey program and has fostered a winning culture both on and off the ice. Under the leadership of Coach Bazin, the River Hawks have established themselves as a powerhouse in Hockey East and have set the standard for success in college hockey. As the team continues to grow and evolve, one thing is for sure: the impact of Coach Legacy will be felt for years to come.


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