Recruiting Powerhouse: How Boston University Attracts Top High School Talent


Boston University (BU) has long been known for its strong athletics programs, and its ice hockey team is no exception. With a rich history and a strong tradition of success, BU has become a top destination for high school hockey players looking to take their game to the next level. So, what makes BU such a powerhouse when it comes to recruiting? Let’s take a closer look at the tactics and strategies that BU uses to attract top talent and build a winning team.

The BU hockey program boasts an impressive history, with 30 Beanpot championships, 16 Hockey East titles, and 5 national titles. This success, along with the university’s prestigious academic reputation, makes BU a desirable destination for high school players. However, simply having a successful program is not enough to attract top talent. BU has to work hard and be strategic in its recruiting efforts to stay ahead of the competition.

One of the key factors in BU’s success is its strong coaching staff. Under the leadership of head coach Albie O’Connell, BU has consistently produced top players who go on to play in the NHL. O’Connell himself is a BU alum and former player, which gives him a unique understanding of the program and its values. He is known for his keen eye for talent and his ability to develop players both on and off the ice.

In addition to a strong coaching staff, BU also uses a variety of tactics to attract top high school talent. This includes attending hockey showcases, games, and tournaments to scout potential players. O’Connell and his staff also make an effort to develop relationships with coaches at the high school and junior level to identify and recruit talented players early on in their careers.

One of BU’s secret weapons when it comes to recruiting is its state-of-the-art facilities. The Agganis Arena, BU’s home ice, is widely recognized as one of the best college hockey facilities in the country. The arena features a dedicated weight room, video room, and a locker room specifically designed for the hockey team. This not only helps to attract top players who are looking for top-notch facilities, but it also provides the team with a competitive edge in terms of training and preparation.

But it’s not just about having a successful program and top facilities – BU also focuses on creating a strong culture within the team. O’Connell and his staff are known for their ability to foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among the players. This is accomplished through team-building activities, a strong focus on team goals, and a supportive and inclusive environment. Prospective players often cite this team culture as a major factor in their decision to come to BU.

Another important aspect of BU’s recruiting strategy is its commitment to academics. BU is consistently ranked as one of the top universities in the country, and its hockey program holds its players to high academic standards. This not only attracts top high school players who are looking to further their education, but it also prepares them for life after hockey. BU’s comprehensive academic support services help players balance their rigorous training schedule with their studies, ensuring that they are successful in both areas.

In addition to all these factors, BU also has a strong track record of sending players to the NHL. With over 60 alumni currently playing in the NHL, BU is seen as a stepping stone to a professional career. This attracts top high school players who have dreams of playing in the NHL and are looking for a program that will help them get there.

So, what does the future hold for BU’s recruiting success? With a strong coaching staff, top facilities, and a winning culture, it is likely that BU will continue to be a top destination for high school hockey players. As long as the program stays true to its values and maintains its commitment to academic and athletic excellence, there is no doubt that BU will continue to attract top talent and produce winning teams.