Historic Upsets and Wins: Memorable Moments in Army History


Army sports teams have a long and illustrious history, filled with incredible upsets and remarkable wins. These moments are not only memorable for the teams, but also for the entire Army community. They embody the values of dedication, discipline, and teamwork that are instilled within every soldier. From championship titles to underdog victories, the Army’s sports history is full of inspiring stories that continue to be celebrated and remembered today.

The Black Knights of Army West Point have a strong tradition of excellence in sports, with a focus on developing well-rounded student-athletes who excel both on and off the field. The academy has produced numerous athletes who have gone on to successful careers in the military, with many also achieving success in professional sports. But it is the historic moments on the field that truly stand out and define the legacy of the Army sports program.

One of the most memorable moments in Army sports history is the 1944 Army-Navy football game, known as the Game of the Century. With World War II raging on, the game was played at the height of national patriotism and was viewed by millions of Americans. Army, led by legendary coach Earl Red Blaik and future Heisman Trophy winners Doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis, was the heavy favorite going into the game. But Navy, led by quarterback Roger Staubach, put up an incredible fight and ultimately won the game 32-13, marking their first win against Army in 14 years. The Army team, which had not lost a game in four years, was devastated by the upset. But the game’s significance goes beyond the score; it symbolized the resilience and determination of the Navy and Army teams, and the nation as a whole, during a time of great adversity.

Another remarkable moment in Army sports history came in 1950 when the Army hockey team, led by Jack Riley, won the NCAA championship. They went into the final game as the underdogs against a heavily favored University of Michigan team. But with a stellar performance by goalie Jack Red McLean, Army won the championship in an upset that shocked the nation. This victory was a major turning point for college hockey, paving the way for future Army teams to achieve even greater success on the ice.

The Army basketball team also has its share of historic upsets, notably the 2005 game against the number one ranked UConn Huskies. Army, led by coach Jim Crews and future NBA player J.P. Batista, pulled off a stunning upset with a final score of 68-59. The Black Knights became the first Division-I military academy team to defeat a top-ranked opponent, and the game has since become known as the Miracle at West Point. The team’s perseverance and determination against a seemingly unbeatable opponent captured the hearts of the nation and brought national recognition to the Army basketball program.

While national championship titles and upsets against top-ranked opponents are certainly defining moments in Army sports history, there are also smaller victories that are equally significant. In 1944, the Army lacrosse team won their first national championship, and the women’s soccer team achieved their first Patriot League championship in 2017. These moments may not have made national headlines, but they hold a special place in the hearts of Army fans and the athletes who worked tirelessly to achieve these victories.

Today, the Army sports program continues to thrive, with athletes who embody the same values of dedication and teamwork as those before them. The hockey team has become a force to be reckoned with, winning multiple Atlantic Hockey championships, and the men’s lacrosse team has made several appearances in the NCAA tournament. The football team has experienced a resurgence in recent years, with multiple winning seasons and bowl game appearances.

In a world full of constant change and challenges, the Army’s sports history serves as a reminder of the determination and resilience of those who have worn the Black and Gold. These moments of triumph and struggle not only define the legacy of the Army sports program, but also serve as inspiration for all those who are part of the Army community.




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