Historic Upsets and Wins: Memorable Moments in Colorado Grit History

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Colorado has a rich history when it comes to sports, especially in the realm of hockey. Over the years, the state has been home to numerous underdog victories and unexpected triumphs, making it a hub for some of the most memorable moments in sports history. From iconic upsets to jaw-dropping wins, the Colorado grit has been a constant presence on the ice, making it a go-to destination for hockey enthusiasts and fans.

One of the most defining moments in Colorado’s hockey history was the 1996 Stanley Cup win by the Colorado Avalanche. At the time, the Avalanche had only recently moved to the state and was up against the heavily favored defending champions, the Detroit Red Wings. Despite this, the Avalanche defied all odds and emerged victorious, winning their first-ever Stanley Cup in front of their home crowd. It was a moment that solidified Colorado’s place in the hockey world and sparked a love for the sport in the state.

Another historic moment for Colorado was the 1976 Olympics, where the state hosted its first-ever Winter Olympics. The event brought together athletes from all over the world, and Colorado’s own Olympic Center served as the main hub for ice hockey matches. The United States team, led by coach Herb Brooks, famously defeated the powerhouse Soviet Union team in what is known as the Miracle on Ice. The iconic win not only solidified Colorado as a destination for world-class hockey, but it also brought the entire nation together in a moment of pure sportsmanship and triumph.

Moving on to more recent events, the Colorado Avalanche’s 2019-2020 season was one for the books. After years of struggling to make a name for themselves in the playoffs, the Avalanche came out swinging, sweeping their first-round opponents and making it to the second round for the first time since 2008. Despite ultimately losing to the Dallas Stars in a nail-biting game seven, the Avalanche’s performance in the playoffs showed the team’s resilience and marked a turning point for their future in the league.

Aside from these iconic moments, Colorado has also been home to various underdog stories and surprising upsets. One of the most notable being the 2018-2019 season, where the Colorado Eagles, a minor league team at the time, won their first-ever Kelly Cup in the ECHL. After a rocky start to the season, the Eagles fought their way up the standings and ultimately won the championship in a thrilling game seven. The win not only came as a shock to their opponents, but it also solidified Colorado as a breeding ground for talented players and teams in the hockey world.

When it comes to minor hockey, Colorado has also seen its fair share of triumphs. In 2017, the Colorado Thunderbirds, a youth hockey organization, made waves by having three of their teams (U14, U16, and U18) make it to the National Championships. All three teams ended up making it to their respective championship games, with the U16 team ultimately taking home the title. The achievement showcased Colorado’s dedication to developing young talent and nurturing a strong hockey community.

Outside of the state, Colorado has also made a significant impact on the international hockey stage. In 1973, the Colorado Rockets, one of the first professional women’s hockey teams, played in a historic match against the Soviet Union in Moscow. The Rockets ended up winning the game, becoming the first American team to beat the Soviets on their home soil. The game not only showed the strength and determination of the American women’s hockey team, but it also paved the way for the sport’s growth and recognition on a global scale.

Colorado has a long and storied history when it comes to hockey. From jaw-dropping upsets to inspiring victories, the state has continuously shown its determination and love for the game. As the sport continues to evolve and grow, there is no doubt that Colorado will continue to be a powerhouse in the hockey world, creating countless more iconic moments for fans to cherish for years to come.


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