Keeping the Best: Nurturing Sports Talent on Campus

Colgate University

Colgate University, located in Hamilton, New York, has a long-standing reputation for excellence in academics and athletics. The school’s Division I men’s hockey team, the Colgate Raiders, has a rich history, including several conference championships and NCAA tournament appearances. But what sets Colgate apart from other schools is its ability to consistently attract top recruits year after year. So, what exactly makes Colgate a recruiting powerhouse when it comes to college hockey?

First and foremost, Colgate has a strong coaching staff with a proven track record of success. The team is led by head coach Don Vaughan, who has been at the helm for over 25 years and has helped develop many players who have gone on to successful professional careers. His experience and expertise in the game are major selling points for potential recruits, as they know they will have top-notch coaching at Colgate.

In addition to having an experienced head coach, Colgate also has a dedicated and knowledgeable recruiting staff. Led by Director of Hockey Operations, Andy Boschetto, the recruiting team works tirelessly to identify and evaluate top talent across high school and junior hockey leagues. This team of recruiters, along with the coaching staff, closely tracks prospective players, attending games and keeping in constant communication with recruits and their families. This personal touch and attention to detail is vital in building strong relationships with top recruits.

Another factor that sets Colgate apart is its state-of-the-art facilities. The school’s Steve Riggs ’86 Hockey Center is a world-class facility that features two ice rinks, a strength and conditioning center, video analysis room, and a spacious locker room for the team. The center also includes a top-tier training staff that is committed to helping players reach their full potential. These facilities not only serve as a major draw for recruits but also give the team an edge in developing and training its players.

Colgate’s academic reputation is also a major selling point for many recruits. The school is consistently ranked as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation and offers a rigorous, yet well-rounded education. The coaches and recruiting staff at Colgate understand the importance of academics and work closely with potential recruits to ensure they are set up for success both on and off the ice. This strong academic foundation is a major draw for many players and their families, as they know they will have a well-rounded college experience at Colgate.

But perhaps one of the most significant reasons why Colgate is able to attract top talent is its winning tradition. The Raiders have a strong history of success, including 11 conference championships and eight NCAA tournament appearances. This winning culture is something that current and prospective players want to be a part of and strive to continue. Current players and alumni are also highly involved in recruiting, serving as ambassadors for the program and showcasing their pride for their alma mater.

Social media has also become a crucial tool in recruiting. Colgate’s athletic department regularly uses their social media platforms to showcase the team and its success, giving recruits a first-hand look at what life is like as a Colgate Raider. This online presence not only helps attract top recruits but also engages and excites current players and alumni.

It’s no secret that Colgate’s strategic and steady recruiting efforts have led to a successful and talented hockey team. The Raiders’ ability to attract top high school talent year after year has helped them consistently rank among the top teams in college hockey. But what truly sets Colgate apart is its commitment to developing well-rounded athletes, both on and off the ice. Through their focus on academics, state-of-the-art facilities, strong coaching staff, and winning tradition, Colgate has solidified its reputation as a recruiting powerhouse in the world of college hockey.


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