Looking Back: Madison Capitols’ Greatest Rivalries, Revisited

Madison Capitols

The sport of hockey has a long and rich history, with a passionate fan base that spans across both Canada and the United States. One team that has made a significant impact in the world of minor hockey is the Madison Capitols. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, the Capitols have been a staple in the hockey community since their founding in 2011. Throughout their nine seasons, the Capitols have faced off against many teams, but there are a few matchups that stand out as key moments in their history. In this article, we will take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the most important matchups in the history of the Madison Capitols.

From their humble beginnings as a new team in the United States Hockey League (USHL), the Capitols quickly made a name for themselves with their strong and talented players. Their very first matchup came against the Waterloo Black Hawks on October 7th, 2011. Despite ultimately losing the game 2-3, the Capitols showed their determination and resiliency, setting the tone for their future battles on the ice.

Two years later, the Capitols faced off against their in-state rival, the Green Bay Gamblers, on November 9th, 2013. This was the first meeting between the two teams, and the intensity was palpable. The game ended in a 2-2 tie, but it was clear that a new rivalry had been born. The matchup between the Capitols and the Gamblers would become known as the “Border Battle,” with both teams vying for bragging rights in the state of Wisconsin.

In the 2016-2017 season, the Capitols added a new opponent to their list of important matchups – the Muskegon Lumberjacks. For the first time, the Capitols faced off against the Lumberjacks on November 5th, 2016. This new rivalry would become known as the “Wooden Spoon Rivalry,” as both teams shared a common Midwest lumber heritage. The Capitols proved to be the stronger team, defeating the Lumberjacks 6-3. This win solidified the Capitols’ position as a force to be reckoned with in the USHL.

The 2017-2018 season was a historic one for the Capitols, as they made it to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. In the first round, they faced off against another in-state rival, the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders. The two teams had a fierce and competitive series, with the Capitols ultimately coming out on top and advancing to the second round. This was a monumental achievement for the young team and solidified their place in the USHL.

One of the most highly anticipated and intense matchups in the Capitols’ history came in the 2018-2019 season when they faced off against the Des Moines Buccaneers. These two teams had a history of heated games, and this matchup was no exception. With both teams fighting for a spot in the playoffs, this game had high stakes and was full of drama and energy. The Capitols ultimately came out on top, winning 3-2 in overtime and securing their spot in the playoffs once again.

As we look back on the historical matchups of the Madison Capitols, it is clear that they have made a significant impact in the world of minor hockey. Their determination, resilience, and passion for the game have not only brought them success on the ice but have also solidified their position as a beloved team in the hearts of their fans.

The Madison Capitols have faced off against many challenging opponents throughout their nine seasons in the USHL. From their first game against the Waterloo Black Hawks to their more recent matchups against bitter rivals, the Capitols have proven time and time again that they are a formidable force in the world of minor hockey. As they continue to grow and evolve, we can only imagine the future matchups that will add to their rich and storied history.


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