Recruiting Powerhouse: How Philadelphia Rebels Attracts Top High School Talent

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For any hockey team, success on the ice depends heavily on the talent of its players. And when it comes to attracting the best high school players, the Philadelphia Rebels have emerged as a dominant force in the world of minor hockey.

The Rebels are a Tier III junior ice hockey team that plays in the North American 3 Hockey League (3HL). They are based in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia, and have quickly become known as a top destination for high school players looking to make their way to the next level.

So, what sets the Rebels apart from other junior teams and makes them such a magnet for top talent? Let’s take a closer look at their recruiting process and philosophy.

A Strong Reputation

The Rebels’ reputation as a top organization for developing players has been steadily growing since their relocation to the Philadelphia area in 2014. Under the leadership of head coach Joe Coombs, the team has consistently produced top-notch players who have gone on to play college hockey and even make the jump to the professional level.

This strong reputation has not gone unnoticed by high school players and their families, who are drawn to the opportunity to play for a team that is known for producing successful players.

Personalized Approach

One of the key elements of the Rebels’ recruiting strategy is their commitment to getting to know each player on a personal level. Instead of solely relying on scouts and statistics to make recruiting decisions, the team takes the time to build relationships with potential players and their families.

This personal touch not only helps the team to better evaluate a player’s potential, but it also creates a strong bond between the player and the organization. Many players have cited this personal approach as a major factor in their decision to join the Rebels.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Another major draw for high school players is the Rebels’ state-of-the-art facilities. From their home arena, the Revolution Ice Gardens, to their top-notch training facilities, the team provides players with all the tools they need to succeed on and off the ice.

The Revolution Ice Gardens features two ice rinks, including a 1,500-seat main rink with a professional locker room and training area. The team also has exclusive use of the Total Hockey Club, a 90,000-square-foot facility that includes a gym, shooting lanes, and dryland training equipment.

This commitment to top-of-the-line facilities not only enhances players’ experiences, but it also sends a clear message that the Rebels are invested in their development and success.

Opportunities for Growth

The Rebels also offer their players unparalleled opportunities for growth and advancement. As a member of the 3HL, they play against some of the top junior teams in the country, providing players with a high level of competition and exposure.

In addition, the team has established relationships with various NCAA and ACHA college programs, giving players a direct path to college hockey. This has proven to be a major selling point for many players and families, as they can see a clear pathway to their ultimate goal of playing college hockey.

A Winning Culture

Last but certainly not least, the Rebels have established a winning culture that attracts players who are eager to be a part of a successful team. Under Coach Coombs’ leadership, the team has won three division championships and made two appearances in the 3HL national championship game.

With this winning mindset and an emphasis on hard work and dedication, the Rebels have created a culture that breeds success and attracts players who are motivated to compete and improve.

The Philadelphia Rebels have established themselves as a recruiting powerhouse by providing high school players with a combination of top-notch facilities, personalized attention, and opportunities for growth and success. With a strong reputation and a commitment to excellence, the Rebels continue to attract top talent and solidify their position as a top junior hockey organization.


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