Recruiting Powerhouse: How Holy Cross Attracts Top High School Talent

Holy Cross Hockey

Every year, thousands of high school hockey players across North America dream of playing at the collegiate level. With so much competition, it takes a lot for a university to stand out to these talented athletes. However, one school that consistently attracts top high school talent is Holy Cross, a Division I hockey program located in Worcester, Massachusetts.

But what makes Holy Cross such a recruiting powerhouse? How do they consistently attract some of the best players in the country? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the strategies and tactics used by Holy Cross to bring in top high school talent, and how they maintain their status as one of the strongest programs in college hockey.

Building a Winning Program

Holy Cross has a long history of success on the ice. The program was established in 1966 and has since produced many successful players, including National Hockey League (NHL) players, Olympic athletes, and even a Stanley Cup champion. This reputation for developing talented players has helped in attracting top recruits.

In addition to their on-ice success, Holy Cross has also established a culture of excellence off the ice. The program has had over 100 Academic All-Americans and has been recognized as having the highest graduation rate of any Division I hockey program in the country. This commitment to academics and developing well-rounded individuals is an attractive aspect for many high school players and their families.

Establishing Relationships with Coaches and Players

One of the key strategies used by Holy Cross to attract top recruits is building strong relationships with high school coaches and players. The coaching staff at Holy Cross is deeply involved in recruiting, attending numerous tournaments and games throughout the country to identify and evaluate potential players.

Holy Cross also takes a personalized approach when it comes to recruiting. The coaching staff regularly communicates and builds relationships with potential recruits, making them feel valued and wanted. This personal touch sets them apart from other programs and helps to establish a sense of loyalty and commitment from the players.

The Power of Location

Location is also a major factor in Holy Cross’ recruiting success. The university is located in the heart of Worcester, a city known for its strong hockey culture. With a variety of local rinks and recreational programs, the Holy Cross coaching staff has a wealth of talent and resources right in their own backyard.

The proximity to Boston, a major hub for hockey development, is also a major advantage for Holy Cross. Many top recruits from across the country are drawn to the opportunity to play in the Boston area, where they can receive top-notch training and compete against some of the best players in the country.

Investing in Facilities and Resources

Another key aspect of Holy Cross’ success in recruiting is their commitment to investing in facilities and resources to support their program. The Hart Center at the Luth Athletic Complex, which is home to the men’s hockey team, underwent a $1.5 million renovation in 2019. This state-of-the-art facility has enhanced both the player and fan experience, making Holy Cross an even more attractive choice for top recruits.

The university also invests in resources to support their players and contribute to their development on and off the ice. This includes a dedicated strength and conditioning coach, video analysis and review tools, and academic support services. These resources not only benefit the players while they are at Holy Cross but also position them well for success after graduation.

A Winning Tradition

Finally, Holy Cross is able to attract top recruits because of their reputation for success on the ice. The program has consistently competed in the post-season and has even made a trip to the NCAA tournament in recent years. This legacy of success, both as a team and for individual players, is a major selling point for recruits and their families.

In addition, Holy Cross’ conference affiliation in the Atlantic Hockey Conference allows for more opportunities to compete for a conference title and a chance to play in the NCAA tournament. This makes Holy Cross a desirable option for players looking to achieve success at the college level and potentially beyond.

Holy Cross has earned its reputation as a recruiting powerhouse through a combination of on and off-ice success, strong relationships with coaches and players, strategic location, investment in facilities and resources, and a winning tradition. Their commitment to creating a well-rounded experience for their players continues to attract top recruits year after year, solidifying their position as one of the top programs in college hockey.


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