Reminisce on Merrimack’s Rivalries: Past Perspectives


The world of hockey is full of intense rivalries and fierce competition. From the professional level down to the youth leagues, each team has their own adversary that they strive to beat year after year. One such rivalry that has stood the test of time is that of Merrimack – a renowned ice hockey program in North Andover, Massachusetts – and their most important matchups. This article will provide a detailed historical perspective on the Merrimack rivalry, delving into its origins, defining moments, and current state. So buckle up, hockey fans, as we take a trip down memory lane and revisit the heated competitions between Merrimack and their most bitter rivals.

Origins of the Rivalry

The rivalry between Merrimack and their top adversaries can be traced back to the early days of the program’s conception. In 1954, Merrimack College officially added ice hockey to their athletic program, and it didn’t take long for the team to make an impact in the collegiate hockey scene. However, their rise to success was met with fierce competition from other New England universities, with whom they shared a deep-rooted rivalry due to geographical proximity.

One of Merrimack’s earliest and most intense rivalries was with the University of New Hampshire (UNH). It was during the late 1950s that the two teams began to develop animosity towards one another, as they competed for regional titles and bragging rights. The games between these two schools were extreme in nature, filled with highly physical play and gritty performances.

Another key adversary of Merrimack was Northeastern University, known for its strong hockey program. The rivalry between these two schools intensified in the 1970s when Northeastern head coach Fernie Flaman made several controversial statements about Merrimack’s program. This sparked outrage among Merrimack’s players and fans, and from that moment on, the games between these two schools were always heated and often featured intense brawls on the ice.

Defining Moments

Over the years, the Merrimack rivalry has witnessed several defining moments that have cemented its place as one of the most intense rivalries in college hockey. One of the most iconic moments took place in February 1975 when Merrimack faced off against UNH in the NCAA Division II Championship. The two teams had already developed a fierce rivalry, and this game would go on to add fuel to the fire. Merrimack emerged victorious in an intense 3-2 overtime battle, winning their first national championship and solidifying their status as a top contender in college hockey.

In recent years, the rivalry with Northeastern has also produced some memorable moments. In 2011, Merrimack faced off against Northeastern in the semifinals of the Hockey East tournament, with a spot in the championship game on the line. After a back-and-forth game, Merrimack was able to secure the victory in overtime, sending them to their first-ever appearance in the tournament finals. The win was a significant milestone for the program and further fueled the intense rivalry between these two schools.

Current State of the Rivalry

Today, the rivalry between Merrimack and their top adversaries remains as strong as ever. The teams continue to battle it out each year for regional titles and conference championships, with each game proving to be a fierce battle on the ice. While the intensity and physicality may have decreased slightly over the years, the passion and animosity between these programs remain high.

In recent years, Merrimack has also developed new rivalries, most notably with Boston College and Boston University. The intense competition between these Boston-based teams has only added to the excitement and intensity of the Merrimack rivalry, making it one of the top matchups to watch in college hockey.

Closing ideas

The rivalry between Merrimack and their most important matchups is one that has stood the test of time and continues to produce heated and memorable games year after year. From the early days of the program to the present day, the intensity and competitiveness between these schools have remained the same, making it a must-see matchup for any hockey fan. So as the teams continue to battle it out on the ice, the Merrimack rivalry will undoubtedly remain an integral part of college hockey for years to come.



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