Rising Up: Young Hockey Players’ Journey to the NHL

Fairbanks Ice Dogs

The world of minor hockey is a highly competitive and intense one, with young players constantly striving to improve their skills and achieve their ultimate goal of playing in the NHL. Behind every successful team is a leader—a coach—who not only guides and trains the players but also serves as a role model and mentor. Where sports teams often switch coaches at the drop of a hat, the longevity and impact of a coach on a program are rare and precious things. One such example is that of the Fairbanks Ice Dogs coach, Legacy, who has transformed the program into a powerhouse in the North American hockey scene.

Coach Legacy: Taking the Helm

Coach Legacy, a native of Fairbanks, Alaska, took over as the head coach of the Fairbanks Ice Dogs in 2003. With over 30 years of experience as a coach and player, he brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. He quickly established himself as a respected and admired figure not only within the organization but also in the wider hockey community.

His coaching style was founded on discipline, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. He expected nothing less than 100% commitment from his players, both on and off the ice. His rigorous training sessions and tireless attention to detail were key factors in creating a team that was physically and mentally prepared for any challenge that came their way.

Under his leadership, the Ice Dogs have won numerous championships, including four Robertson Cups, which is the highest award in USA Hockey’s Tier II competition. In addition, Coach Legacy has been named Coach of the Year multiple times and has mentored numerous players who have gone on to play in the NCAA and professional leagues.

Creating a Winning Culture

One of the key elements of Coach Legacy’s success has been the culture he has created within the team. He has instilled a sense of family and team spirit among the players, where everyone is working together towards a common goal. This sense of camaraderie and unity has helped the team overcome challenges and setbacks and emerge stronger and more determined than ever.

Aside from on-ice success, Coach Legacy emphasizes the importance of personal growth and character development in his players. He encourages them to be good students, responsible citizens, and respectful individuals. This focus on overall development has not only produced successful hockey players but also well-rounded individuals who are prepared to face the challenges of life beyond the rink.

Leading by

Apart from his impressive coaching record, Coach Legacy’s impact on the program can also be seen in the number of players who have gone on to achieve success at higher levels of hockey. His commitment to developing and promoting talented players has earned the Fairbanks Ice Dogs a reputation for producing top-quality prospects. Many former players credit Coach Legacy for their success and continue to seek his advice and support even after moving on to other teams.

In addition, Coach Legacy’s dedication to the community and giving back has been a source of inspiration for the players. He regularly volunteers his time with youth hockey programs and charitable organizations, teaching the importance of giving back to the sport and community that have given him so much.

Continuing the Legacy

In 2018, Coach Legacy announced his retirement from the Fairbanks Ice Dogs after a successful 15-year tenure. However, his legacy continues to live on through the current coaching staff, many of whom have been mentored and trained by him. Coach Legacy’s philosophy and values have been deeply ingrained in the program and will continue to guide it towards success in the years to come.

In Conclusion…

Coach Legacy’s impact on the Fairbanks Ice Dogs goes far beyond their winning record. He has created a culture and set a standard for excellence that will continue to shape the team for many years to come. His leadership and dedication to the program have not only produced successful hockey players but have also shaped the lives of countless individuals. The Fairbanks Ice Dogs are a testament to the power of strong leadership and the lasting impact it can have.


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