Stonehill Coach Legacy: The Impact of Their Leadership on the Program

Dave Borges

Stonehill College, located in Easton, Massachusetts, is known for its strong academic programs and competitive athletics. Among its many successful sports teams, the men’s ice hockey program has risen to prominence under the leadership of head coach Dave Borges. With over two decades of experience, Borges has built a strong legacy at Stonehill, leaving a lasting impact on both the program and its players.

A Respected Leader

Dave Borges was named head coach of the Stonehill men’s ice hockey team in 1998 and has since become the program’s all-time winningest coach. Borges’ success can be attributed to his dedication and unwavering leadership, as well as his experience and knowledge of the sport. Under Borges’ guidance, the team has consistently been ranked among the top teams in the Northeast-10 Conference (NE-10) and has made numerous appearances in the NCAA Division II Tournament.

One of Borges’ greatest strengths as a coach is his ability to develop his players both on and off the ice. He has instilled a strong work ethic within the team, who have grown to become not only skilled hockey players, but also well-rounded individuals. Borges’ commitment to his players’ personal growth and success is evident in the team’s impressive academic achievements. For several years, the ice hockey program has boasted the highest cumulative GPA among all Stonehill athletic teams.

Building a Strong Program

Under Borges’ leadership, the Stonehill men’s ice hockey program has become a force to be reckoned with in the NE-10 Conference. The team has won three NE-10 Championships (2000, 2002, and 2016) and has made seven appearances in the conference tournament finals. Borges has also led the team to three NCAA Tournament appearances, including an NCAA Division II Championship game appearance in 2000.

Borges has achieved this level of success by cultivating a strong team culture and emphasizing teamwork above all else. Through his focus on team chemistry and cohesion, Borges has created an environment in which players not only strive for individual success, but also for the collective success of the team. This approach has resulted in a string of victories, as well as a strong bond among the players.

A Lasting Impact

Borges’ impact on the Stonehill men’s ice hockey program extends far beyond the team’s winning record. His dedication to the program has inspired his players to strive for excellence, both on and off the ice. Many of his former players have gone on to professional hockey careers, while others have found success in various fields, taking with them the lessons learned under Borges’ guidance.

Borges’ impact has also been felt by the Stonehill community. His commitment to giving back and serving as a role model for student-athletes has earned him numerous accolades, including the Herb Gallagher Outstanding Coach Award from the American College Hockey Association and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce’s Grinold Chapter Award for his contributions to Stonehill and the community.

Continuing the Legacy

While Borges’ impact on the Stonehill men’s ice hockey program is undeniable, his legacy will also be carried on by his successor, David Hurley. Hurley, who has been a part of the Stonehill coaching staff since 2011, was named head coach in 2020 after Borges’ retirement. Hurley has continued the program’s winning tradition and has earned the trust and respect of the players, who have praised his knowledge and dedication to the sport.

In addition to his work with the men’s ice hockey program, Hurley has also been actively involved in the community, volunteering with local youth hockey programs and serving as an ambassador for the Headway Foundation, which raises awareness for traumatic brain injuries. Under Hurley’s leadership, the Stonehill men’s ice hockey program is poised to continue its success and uphold the legacy built by Borges.

To summarize

The Stonehill men’s ice hockey program owes much of its success to the leadership of Dave Borges. With his unwavering dedication, Borges has built a strong legacy at Stonehill, leaving a lasting impact on the program and its players. Through his years of coaching, Borges has not only created a winning team, but has also developed individuals who will carry his teachings with them for years to come. With David Hurley now at the helm, the future of Stonehill men’s ice hockey looks bright, and the legacy of Borges’ leadership will continue to be felt within the program.


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