The Legacy of a Coach: The Impact of Their Leadership on the Omaha Lancers Program

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The Legacy of a Coach: The Impact of Their Leadership on the Omaha Lancers Program

The role of a coach in any sports organization is crucial to the development and success of a team. They are not only responsible for leading their team to victory on the field but also for shaping the team’s culture, values, and identity. This is especially true for the Omaha Lancers, a junior ice hockey team based in Nebraska, and their head coach, David Wilkie, who has been with the program since 2011.

Under Wilkie’s leadership, the Omaha Lancers have become one of the most successful teams in the United States Hockey League (USHL), winning multiple championships and producing countless NHL draft picks. But beyond the titles and records, Wilkie’s impact on the program can be seen in the development of young players, the team’s strong sense of community, and the values instilled in every player who joins the organization.

A winning mindset

Coach Wilkie’s own experience as a player has greatly influenced his coaching style. He was a member of the University of North Dakota’s national championship team in 1997 and went on to play in the NHL for the Tampa Bay Lightning. This winning mentality is something he has instilled in his players, emphasizing discipline, hard work, and a never-give-up attitude.

This mindset has translated into success on the ice for the Lancers, with the team consistently being one of the top contenders in the USHL. But more than just winning games, Wilkie’s emphasis on a winning mindset has prepared his players for the next level of their hockey careers, whether it be college or professional.

Development of young players

The Omaha Lancers program is known for its ability to develop players and help them reach their full potential. This is largely due to Wilkie’s coaching philosophy, which focuses on individual player development alongside team success. He recognizes that each player is different and requires personal attention to help them grow and improve.

This approach has led to numerous players being drafted into the NHL, including current stars like Josh Norris of the Ottawa Senators and Mario Ferraro of the San Jose Sharks. But it’s not just about making it to the pros; Wilkie takes pride in seeing his players go on to play at top colleges and universities, both in the US and Canada.

Creating a sense of community

At the core of the Omaha Lancers program is a strong sense of community and family. This is something that Wilkie has fostered since the beginning of his time with the organization. He emphasizes the importance of building relationships with players, staff, and the entire Lancers community.

This sense of community is evident in the team’s fan base, which is known for its passionate support of the Lancers. Wilkie and his players make a concerted effort to give back to the community, whether it be through visiting local schools or participating in charity events. This not only creates a positive image for the program but also teaches players the importance of giving back and being involved in the community.

Instilling important values

One of the biggest impacts Coach Wilkie has had on the Omaha Lancers program is in the values he has instilled in his players. Discipline, respect, and work ethic are just some of the values that are emphasized in the Lancers organization. These values not only translate into success on the ice but also in life outside of hockey.

Players who have gone through the Lancers program often credit Wilkie for helping them become better individuals, not just better athletes. The lessons they learn from him on and off the ice stay with them long after their time with the program. Wilkie’s focus on developing well-rounded individuals has helped create a positive team culture and a group of players that are not only skilled on the ice but also admirable off it.

The legacy of Coach David Wilkie on the Omaha Lancers program can be seen in the team’s success on the ice, the development of young players, the strong sense of community, and the values instilled in every player. He has not only built a winning team but has also created a positive and impactful program that goes beyond just hockey. With his guidance, the Omaha Lancers continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the USHL, and his legacy will no doubt continue to shape the program for years to come.


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