Coaching Changes and Their Impact on Ottawa Senators Performance

Coaching changes

The Ottawa Senators are a professional ice hockey team in the National Hockey League (NHL) based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1992, the Senators have a relatively young history in the league compared to other teams. However, what they lack in longevity, they make up for in their passionate fan base and their dedication to the game. This article will focus on the impact of coaching changes on the Senators’ performance and how it affects not only the team but also the fans and the overall morale of the franchise.

Coaching changes are not uncommon. It is often seen as a necessary move to improve team performance and bring in new strategies and tactics. However, in the case of the Ottawa Senators, coaching changes have been a constant and consistent presence in their history. Since the team’s inception, the Senators have had 17 different head coaches, with some of them serving multiple stints with the team.

One of the most significant coaching changes in the Senators’ history happened in the 2018-2019 season when the team fired their head coach, Guy Boucher, and replaced him with Marc Crawford. This move came as a surprise to many, as Boucher had been with the team since 2016 and led them to the Eastern Conference Finals in the 2016-2017 season. However, the Senators’ disappointing performance in the 2018-2019 season, with a record of 29-47-6, led to Boucher’s dismissal. Crawford’s appointment brought new hope to the team, as he had previously won the Stanley Cup as the head coach of the Colorado Avalanche in 1996.

Under Crawford’s leadership, the Senators showed some improvement, finishing the 2019-2020 season with a record of 25-34-12. However, this was still not enough to secure a playoff spot, and Crawford was fired at the end of the season. In today’s world, coaches are expected to produce immediate results, and if they fail to do so, they are easily replaced. This trend is even more prevalent in the NHL, where teams are constantly looking for ways to improve and stay competitive.

The constant cycle of coaching changes in Ottawa has had a significant impact on the team’s performance. With each new coach comes a new system and playing style, which can be challenging for players to adapt to quickly. The Senators have also had to deal with players leaving the team due to conflicts with coaches or not fitting into the new system. This has resulted in a lack of consistency and chemistry on the ice, making it difficult for the team to find success.

Coaching changes also affect the morale of the team and the fans. When a team is constantly changing coaches, it can create a sense of uncertainty and instability for the players, as well as the fans. The players may not have enough time to build a strong relationship with their coach and trust their methods, while the fans may become frustrated and lose faith in the team’s future. This can lead to lower attendance at games and a decrease in fan support.

Moreover, coaching changes also come with a cost. The Ottawa Senators have had to pay millions of dollars in severance packages for their previous coaches, and with each new coach, there is also the cost of implementing their systems and strategies. This not only affects the team’s budget but also limits their ability to bring in new players or make necessary changes to improve the team.

In contrast, teams that have a stable coaching staff often see success on the ice. For example, the Pittsburgh Penguins have had Dan Bylsma as their head coach since 2009, and they have won three Stanley Cups under his guidance. This stability allows players to develop and adapt to their coach’s strategies, leading to a cohesive and successful team.

Coaching changes have had a significant impact on Ottawa Senators’ performance throughout their history. It has affected team chemistry, caused instability, and limited their ability to make significant improvements. However, as fans of the team, it is essential to trust the management’s decision and hope for better results in the future.


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