Managing Expectations: The Los Angeles Kings’ Quest for Playoff Success

Los Angeles Kings

As one of the oldest professional hockey teams in the United States, the Los Angeles Kings have a rich history and a loyal fan base. However, the past few years have been a rollercoaster ride for the team, with successes and setbacks that have left fans and analysts alike wondering what the future holds for the Kings. But one thing is for sure, the expectations for this team are high and as they enter the 2020-2021 season, it’s time to take a closer look at the Kings’ quest for playoff success.

The road to success in professional sports is never easy, especially in a highly competitive league like the NHL. With 31 teams vying for the coveted Stanley Cup, every team faces its own challenges and obstacles, and the Kings are no exception. From injuries to key players, managerial changes, and tough competition, the Kings have had their fair share of ups and downs over the years. But perhaps their greatest challenge yet has been managing expectations.

Where sports fans have become accustomed to instantaneous results, the pressure to perform and win can be overwhelming. As the saying goes, pressure makes diamonds, but it can also break a team. And for the Kings, managing the expectations of fans, media, and even ownership has been a daunting task.

Since their last Stanley Cup win in 2014, the Kings have struggled to make it back to the playoffs, missing the postseason for the past three years. As one of the top teams in the league for several years, this decline was not taken lightly by fans and analysts, who expected nothing less than a playoff spot each season. But as the team faced injuries and aging players, their performance suffered, and the expectations for success remained just out of reach.

But things may be looking up for the Kings. With a solid offseason, including the acquisition of key players like defenseman Olli Maatta and forward Andreas Athanasiou, the team has made significant moves to strengthen their roster. And with the return of veteran players like Anze Kopitar and Drew Doughty, who have a combined 29 seasons of experience with the team, the Kings have a strong core to lead them on the ice.

But perhaps the most significant change for the Kings this season was in the front office. With the hiring of general manager Rob Blake in 2017, the team has undergone a major shift in management and decision-making. Blake, a former Kings player himself, brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the organization. And with head coach Todd McLellan, who has a history of success in the NHL, the team has a strong leadership core to guide them towards playoff success.

So what should the expectations be for the Los Angeles Kings this season? As always, they will face a tough road to the playoffs, with talented teams like the Vegas Golden Knights and the Colorado Avalanche in their division. But with their new and improved roster, experienced leadership, and a renewed determination to make it back to the postseason, the Kings are primed for a successful season. And while there may be some bumps along the way, ultimately, it’s all about managing expectations.

For fans and analysts, it’s essential to look at the bigger picture of the Kings’ journey. It’s not just about one season, but building a sustainable team that can compete for years to come. And with a focus on developing young talent and making smart decisions in the draft, the Kings are setting themselves up for long-term success. It may not happen overnight, but with patience and support from their fans, the Kings have a bright future ahead of them.

The expectations for the Los Angeles Kings this season may be high, but the team is ready to take on the challenge. With a strong roster, experienced leadership, and a renewed determination, the Kings are well-positioned to make their way back to the playoffs. And while managing expectations may be a challenging task, one thing is for sure, the Kings are ready to write the next chapter in their playoff success story.


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