Dissecting Spitfires’ Seasons: Regular and Playoff Analysis

Windsor Spitfires

The Windsor Spitfires, a junior ice hockey team based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, has had a tale of two seasons in the 2019-2020 season. With a regular season that showed promise, the team struggled in the playoffs, ultimately falling short of their desired outcome. As the season comes to a close, it is important to examine the performance of the Spitfires in both the regular season and the playoffs, and to understand the factors that contributed to their success and challenges.

The Spitfires began the regular season with high hopes, as they returned many key players from the previous year’s team. Led by head coach Trevor Letowski, the team had a strong start to the season, winning their first four games and displaying a competitive edge in the tough Western Conference.

As the season progressed, the Spitfires faced their fair share of challenges, including injuries to key players and a tough schedule. However, they were able to overcome these obstacles and finish the regular season with a respectable record of 33 wins, 30 losses, and only five overtime losses. This placed them third in the West Division and secured them a spot in the playoffs.

One of the key contributors to the Spitfires’ success in the regular season was their depth and balanced scoring. It is essential for teams to have a strong overall roster, as opposed to just one or two star players. The Spitfires had eight players who scored 15 goals or more during the regular season, showcasing their strength and depth throughout the lineup.

Another factor that played a crucial role in the Spitfires’ regular season success was their special teams. They boasted one of the best power play units in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL), with a success rate of 26.1%. This was in large part due to the efforts of top scorer Tyler Angle, who registered 26 power play points during the regular season.

However, as the regular season ended and the playoffs began, the Spitfires’ performance took a sharp downturn. They faced the London Knights in the first round, and despite their regular season success against them, the Spitfires were unable to secure a win in the series, losing in four games.

The playoffs can be a challenging time for any team, as the pressure and intensity increase significantly. However, there were several factors that contributed to the Spitfires’ struggles in the playoffs.

One of the main issues facing the team was their inability to stay disciplined. In the regular season, the Spitfires were one of the least penalized teams in the league, but in the playoffs, they amassed a staggering 62 penalty minutes in just four games. This not only gave the opposing team an advantage, but it also disrupted the Spitfires’ flow and momentum on the ice.

Additionally, the Spitfires’ special teams, which were a strong point in the regular season, were unable to produce in the playoffs. They went 0 for 9 on the power play and gave up two shorthanded goals. This lack of production was a significant contributor to their early exit from the postseason.

As the Spitfires reflect on their season, one thing is certain – their regular season success did not carry over into the playoffs. But despite their shortcomings, there were also several positive takeaways from their performance this season. The Spitfires showed resilience and determination in the face of challenges and displayed their potential for success in the upcoming years.

As the team looks to the future, there is reason for optimism. With many of their key players set to return, the Spitfires have a strong foundation to build upon. With the right adjustments and improvements, they have the potential to make a deeper run in the playoffs next season.

The Windsor Spitfires’ 2019-2020 season can be summed up as a tale of two seasons – a successful regular season and a disappointing playoff performance. As an avid hockey fan, it is important to examine and understand the factors that contributed to their success and struggles, as well as to recognize the potential for future growth and improvement for this promising team.


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