Kingston Frontenacs Historic Seasons: A Look Back at Their Championship Years

Kingston Frontenacs

From the timeless sport of hockey to the passionate fan base it has garnered over the years, it is no surprise that minor hockey has its place in the hearts of many Canadians and Americans alike. And within the realm of minor hockey, the Kingston Frontenacs have made their mark in the hockey world with their illustrious championship years.

Founded in 1973, the Frontenacs are a Canadian junior ice hockey team that competes in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). The team is based in Kingston, Ontario and plays their home games at the Leon’s Centre. Over the years, the Frontenacs have produced notable names in the hockey world such as Doug Gilmour, Kirk Muller, and Taylor Hall, just to name a few. But it wasn’t until the 1980s and 1990s that the Frontenacs really left their mark in the OHL.

During the 1980s, the Frontenacs experienced a period of success with two OHL titles under their belt. Led by head coach Bert Templeton, the Frontenacs had a standout season in 1988-1989 with a record of 50 wins and only 13 losses. This dominant performance led them to their first OHL championship, earning them a spot in the Memorial Cup tournament. Though they didn’t win the Cup, the Frontenacs had made a name for themselves as a formidable force in the OHL.

But it was in the 1990s that the Frontenacs truly wrote their mark in the OHL history books. Under head coach Larry Mavety, the team had three OHL titles in 1993, 1996, and 1998. The 1993 championship was a special one for both the team and the city of Kingston as it marked their first championship in 43 years. Led by players such as Mark Matier, and brothers Core and Jason McCammon, the Frontenacs defeated the Peterborough Petes in a thrilling seven-game series.

But it wasn’t just about the championships for the Frontenacs in the 1990s. The team also boasted some of the top players in the league including stars such as Bryan Allen, Dan Fritsche, and Chris Pronger. This talent landed the Frontenacs their second OHL championship in 1996, defeating the Guelph Storm in a four-game sweep.

The Frontenacs’ dominance continued in the late 1990s with another memorable season in 1998. Led by star goaltender Ryan Munce, who would go on to play in the NHL, the team cruised through the regular season with a record of 52 wins and only 14 losses. This impressive performance earned them their third OHL championship, defeating the Plymouth Whalers in six games.

Looking back at the Frontenacs’ success in the 1980s and 1990s, it is clear that the team not only had a talented roster, but also a strong organization and coaching staff that helped them achieve greatness on the ice. The Frontenacs’ historic seasons not only brought the city of Kingston together, but also showcased the talent and skill that the OHL has to offer.

But the Frontenacs’ success wasn’t limited to the OHL. In the 1989-1990 season, the team made their first appearance in the Memorial Cup tournament, the ultimate goal for any team in the Canadian Hockey League (CHL). Though they didn’t win the Cup, the Frontenacs’ star goaltender Rob Boutin was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player, solidifying the team’s reputation as a powerhouse in the OHL.

The Frontenacs’ success continued into the 21st century with four more playoff appearances and a division title in 2012. However, the team has yet to add another OHL championship to their collection. But with a rich history and legacy in the league, it is only a matter of time before the Frontenacs bring another title back to Kingston.

Where buzzworthy sports news comes and goes, it is important to look back at historic seasons and appreciate the impact they have made on the game we all know and love. And for the fans of the Kingston Frontenacs, it is a reminder of the golden years of the team and the players who have left their mark on the sport of hockey.


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